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Birthdate:Feb 11
Location:Johannesburg, South Africa
Who me? A closet fanfic writer who should have stuck with reading (really, far less stressful that way). I write what I like to read generally, which means more hurt than comfort and very little shipping/pairings. And if I can't find what I want to read, I tend to write it (which means there is a folder of dark WIPs on my computer than will never see the light of day, because of the shame). Outsider POV, crossovers and AUs are my crack. Throw in some angst and a lot of hurt, and I am a happy reader. Or writer. I skip around a lot of fandoms, love them all and may or may not have a goal to write in as many fandoms as I can.

Anne McCaffrey makes me cry, and Terry Pratchett makes my face ache from all the grinning. I convinced my sister to name her horse Strider and I used to drive a Firebolt (current car is Excalibur). I may also have had something to do with my nephew being called Dean (his sister is not called Sam, though despite my best efforts) .

I seem drawn to doomed tv shows and mourn their absence. I love Spidey despite being an archanaphobic and I know just enough about comics to miss Gambit in the movies (and no Wolverine's Gambit does not count). I did a little happy dance years ago when MacGyver was going to be on Stargate. Cowboys, especially space cowboys, hold a special place in my heart. TV (cough-winchesters-cough) may have resulted in the purchase of Mothership.

I am a fangirl.

Quote of the moment: "Cake or Death?"

-Proudly spelling Belligerent 'B-U-M' since 2005.-
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